Plumbing Services in Ravenel, SC

Kitchen drains can become clogged from a buildup of soaps, grease, fats and other food debris. Normal daily use of sinks and showers can cause soap, grime and hair to interfere with proper drainage in your bathroom. When water stands for too long it can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. When water starts to accumulate in your sinks or showers, let the experienced technicians with Mike's Plumbing Service assess your system for the appropriate drainage repair service. We use the latest equipment to remove debris from your drains and improve drainage to keep your drains clear for longer.
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Some types of plastic piping can cause ongoing maintenance problems and actually lower the value of your home at resale. In these cases, repiping is often the best option. We're able to handle whole-house repiping and have become experts at doing these projects with as little disturbance to the home as possible. We work with a contractor who will come in when we're done to repair sheetrock and paint, so you'll never know we were there. If there's a plumbing problem in your home, we'll fix it. There's a long list of things that can go wrong in any home—leaky toilets, hot water heaters that don't work, clogged pipes, septic problems, low water pressure. We've seen just about everything and know how to fix it all. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.
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Mike's Plumbing Service can offer you great and efficient service for any of your plumbing needs. Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or just need your water heater repaired, we are here to help!

We specialize in:
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Garbage Disposal Equipment Repairing
  • Piping Contractors
  • Plumbing Cleaning
  • Re-Piping
  • Water Heater Repair